Thursday, November 4, 2010

Toddler girl's bed room.

My little Zee's bed room
  I did this "Princess" bedding for my little
 Zee loves her room, she is watching T.V.
Matching bedding for her doll as well.
Matching Toy Chest,  sitting right  next to her
 doll stroller.I bought this from a thrifty store 
and covered it with matching fabric. 
It's beautiful and very handy.
 Pretty window treatment.
Bought all her furniture from different places
 and coordinated everything together
 with my fabric's magic.
 All done, yaaaay.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The story of my kitchen

                                       Before and After 
 Hi everyone. Here I am to share my happy and sad moments of my life with you. Well, I used to be a happy kitchen. From the family of my old home-owner, everybody was enjoying me happily and they always got happy to see me and have their happy breakfast, lunch and dinner at my dining table. But, time is the one who has control over us.

All of the sudden those happy kids grew up and moved out of the house and their dad passed away so there was just me and my old home owner, Helen. She was such a great lady and she was happy with me as I was her. Then, her mom got sick so she decided to sell this house and to stay with her mom to take care of her, though it was very sweet of her, but I was sad and happy at the same time. Sad, because Helen not just owned me, but she was also my best friend.

I was happy because my new home owner was a young couple so I thought “that will be great to enjoy their company”. Finally, Helen put this house on the market and my new home-owner was the first buyer who came to see this house and as they entered into the house, they were happy to see the house. I remember when they were sitting at my dining table and talking to their realtor, Tamara, about to put an offer on the house. I thought “oh, they are young and going to take care of me really well and we will be friends for a long time and all the laughter and happiness that I was missing when Helen’s kids were little will be back.

After moving into the house Bushra and Yusef, my official new home owners, were standing by my counter-top and they both said on the same time “oh, how we hate this kitchen.

The house is so cute and nice except this kitchen. I can not describe my feelings how much they hurt me without knowing that I am right there listening to all these things. My heart was so much broken and I was missing Helen, who use to have a cup of coffee in the morning and reading the newspaper while sitting on my dining table. I sat quiet for a long time and just watched Bushra and Yusef, every time when they came to use my stove they never said nice words.

I was unable to say to them anything except pray to God for my good luck. And that was they day when God answered all my prayers. I remember when Yusef’s parents visited me and Bushra was talking to her mother in law, Jeanne, and they both were standing by my door when Bushra said those same harsh words “I love the house except this kitchen” I was thinking “what’s my fault and why does she hate me so much?” but before I could say something to her, Jeanne said, “why don’t you give it a new look, Bushra, you are a good interior decorator?” She looked at her once like she wanted to say “are you kidding me? This is an ugly kitchen and I can’t change it.

But, unexpectedly, she said “I guess.” Well, at least there was something for me. I was a little happy after a long time. Then there was week of silence and I was thinking oh she forgot all about my make-over and she is going to curse me again. But, one day when she came back from work she was holding a big pile of those matching stripes for the paint to match with my counter-top, so I had sigh of peace. I was happy, for at least she was showing some love and care for me and I personally thought, it was a time for change because I wanted to add some color in me as well.

So she took 4 hours to decide which main color she is going to give me and which one she is going to use for the trims and cabinets. Then she went to a paint store to get all those cans of paints. And on her day off she started working on me. First, she removed all the old stuff from the corners and all the wallpaper borders. After she cleaned, she started painting and I was amazed how in just few hours she was all done with the main color, which was yellow.

Then she took all the cabinets off to paint them in banana whip color and her final step was to paint all the trims which were in maroon color. When she was done with painting she decided to go Hancock Fabrics to purchase the material to decorate me. Then I heard that she was going to shop for the matching accessories with in the same color she had painted trims. I was so glad to see her when she was showing all that love for me. Finally, she made all the window treatments and table runners and put all these nice matching accessories, and here I am in a great new shape!

Whoever is visits me gives me so many wonderful comments! Oh it’s a nice kitchen but I would say all the credit goes to Bushra, for she is the one who did everything and I forgave her for all those hurtful words. Now they both are enjoying me with their little princess Zee and of course I am enjoying their company as well. Hope I have not made you bored and you guys like story of my old and new days. Thanks for reading about me.

Thanks for your time and love, you all have a great day.