Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Were women meant to 
do everything---- work and have babies?

Candice Bergen, b. 1946
American Actress

What do you think friends?
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Syed Store said...

I would be the first, I would say we are more stronger than men, that's why God chose us for the motherhood. He knew, we would manage everything with that.

Dawn said...

Thanks for Checkin' it Out! with Dawn. I love your photos, you have a lucky and beautiful daughter! I am a new follower! Have a fabulous day!

martha said...

thanks for popping by today. :) Well Ihave children, and I work part time. I admit tehre are very tough days when I so wish I had a maid or something. but in the end, God gives mothers strength to cope with everything, and hugs and kisses from our little ones give us love to it all. :)

Becky Jane said...

I am grateful that I was able to stay home and give my full attention to raising my children. Not every woman has this blessing. I don't want to do it all, I see no need to do it all...I am perfectly content letting my husband do his job and being able to do mine.

Laura said...

No, women were not. That's not to say we can't. Clearly, we can. For years (and even today), we've been considered the weaker sex. Perhaps in size and physical strength we are, but in terms of inner strength, I believe we are stronger. Truly. I love my husband dearly, but he can't do anything when he has a bad headache. Try being pregnant, sick all the time, carrying a 9 pound person who kicks and punches your every organ, unable to sleep, unable to walk, but still going to work, still taking care of other children, only to have to endure intense physical (and sometimes, emotional) pain during delivery and afterward. A man couldn't handle that. I really don't think so. We are equipped differently, and I think we've had to equip ourselves given the little respect and attention paid to women historically.

Wow. I hadn't intended on writing a novel here. Your post obviously moved me in some way!

Mommy LaDy Club said...

I think we are always capable of doing much more than we can imagine, but if you can stay at home with your kids, and divide the labor, that is the most ideal situation for your family. This can't always happen of course, and children really do understand that Mom or Dad or both have to go to work.
Cheers from Voiceboks!

Nishana said...

Only a woman- a mom especially- can do everything at her own.Every lady needs much of ovation, but question is whether she always gets it. No matter she has been appreciated or not, she still continues to give out her best.

Woman is God's elegant creation, motherhood is a blessing.

I am always proud to be a working mom. Thank You God!